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Love Gluten-Free Travel? Love Leeds!

Delicious tempura at gluten-free restaurant The Oxford Place

I love travel – getting away from home to see new places, meet new people, and generally broaden the mind. Traveling while celiac can be a challenge, but if you read this blog, you know I recommend doing it anyway.

And wherever I travel, I share my delicious gluten-free restaurant finds. Here’s a fabulous restaurant that every foodie celiac should have on their list - and it’s in Leeds, of all places!

Where is Leeds?

Leeds is a city in northern England, or more accurately in West Yorkshire, located about 45 miles northeast of Manchester. For you football fans, Leeds is the home of both Leeds United and the Leeds United Women football teams. It’s also the home of beautiful shopping arcades, art museums, and historic locations like Kirkstall Abbey and the Thackray Museum of Medicine.

But for our purposes, what matters is food. And Leeds is an excellent gluten-free city.

The Oxford Place gluten-free restaurant

The owners of The Oxford Place have created a haven in their 100% gluten-free restaurant. A 15-minute walk from the main train station and around the corner from the Leeds Art Gallery, it’s easy to find and reach. The restaurant is friendly and cozy. If you’re a large group, I definitely recommend booking ahead as the restaurant fills up quickly.

So many choices

With a 100% gluten-free menu, it was hard to choose. Should I try the venison burger delivered to the next table? A big burger on a bun that looked so good, the diners asked for confirmation that it really was gluten-free. Roast lamb, fish and chips or vegan shepherd’s pie? So many mouthwatering choices! Plus starters and desserts…and a full wine and drinks list.

Gluten-free vegetable tempura: the right crunch

crunchy tempura at gluten-free restaurant The Oxford Place

My mom used to order two starters to make the most of her tasting options, so I took a page from her book.

My first starter, which I ordered as the “appetizer” was the vegetable tempura. And what a delight! That’s it at the top of this page, and again here. So nice, I had to show you twice. Light and crispy, with a crust that really crunched and a spicy-sweet chili sauce, the skewer of large slices of sweet pepper, courgette (zucchini) and mushrooms made my mouth light up. And all beautifully served on a bed of fresh greens with diced cucumber and tomatoes.

Scallops and chorizo bursting with flavour

Scallops and chorizo at gluten-free restaurant The Oxford Place

After I finished savouring the tempura, along came a plate of scallops, lightly grilled with finely diced chorizo, served over garlic ramps in a butter sauce. Very different from the tempura, and just as wonderful. This was light but filling, bursting with flavour from the chorizos, and just enough butter sauce to add richness without making the food oily. Needless to say, I finished it all with a smile in my stomach.

I only wish I had saved room for dessert: it’s a long time since my last tiramisu.

Other gluten-free dining choices in Leeds

Finding the Oxford Place wasn’t just luck. Before visiting, I checked out the options on Find Me Gluten Free, which showed a list of completely gluten-free restaurant choices, from bakeries to a tapas restaurant to white-tablecloth dining. Several of them are not open on Sundays, so keep that in mind.

So it your feet are itching to move, and the United Kingdom is on your travel list, visit The Oxford Place in Leeds!


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