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Welcome to my world.

Would you like a cookie? 

Hi!  I'm Marne, and I help newly diagnosed celiacs and their families make delicious baked goods that put joy and love back into their lives.

I still remember how overwhelmed I felt when I was diagnosed. Food was love, and I didn't know what to eat. I was embarrassed to ask for 'special treatment' at holidays, at work or when eating out. 


That was no life for someone with a serious brownie habit. Determined to take back control, I searched for recipes to soothe my sweet tooth. I learned to bake with non-wheat flours, and figured out which ones worked best for me. With time I developed my own simple and tasty recipes.


Today, I live well with my celiac disease. My mysterious ailments have all gone away. I have a repertoire of delicious, easy and reliable recipes for sweet treats and meals. 

I travel and eat out confidently. I read labels, ask questions and advocate for myself and other celiacs.  And I still refuse to settle for anything less than easy, delicious gluten-free comfort food. 

Now I'm sharing my recipes and my experiences to help you on your gluten-free journey.

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Going gluten-free can be difficult.  But a positive attitude, some confidence and a delicious brownie can solve many challenges.

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