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Easy, Tasty Gluten Free

If you're new to celiac disease or baking and you miss your goodies, you need Easy, Tasty Gluten Free​

  • Do you miss delicious cakes, cookies and brownies?

  • Are you tired of spending loads of money on expensive commercial gluten free flour mixes?  

  • Do you want simple, reliable recipes you can make at home? 

Easy, Tasty Gluten Free is for you - the newly diagnosed celiac or parent of a newly diagnosed celiac child. 

mockup BONUS GIFT 1.jpg
  • 50 Recipes.

  • Simple to make, delicious to eat.

  • 100% gluten-free​. 

  • You and your family will love them

What people say...

Marne Platt's new Gluten Free Baking book is sure to have a designated spot on the kitchen counter. The included recipes are easy and fun and she adds a touch of humor and whimsy to the descriptions -- which makes the cookbook an absolute pleasure to read. We have been gluten free since 2008 and I still get intimidated by long lists of flours and add-ins --- thankfully, this book is written for those who just wish to "get on with it" -- the recipes here are simple enough for anyone and everyone.

- Stephanie O'Dea NYT best-selling author, founder of, contributing editor to Simply Gluten Free Magazine.

About Me

Hi! I'm Marne, chocolate lover and celiac.

Since being diagnosed in the 1990s, I have learned to live well with my celiac disease, and you can too.

My simple, delicious recipes make it easy for you to make delicious gluten free comfort foods at home

Easy, Tasty Gluten Free author Marne Platt

Want to try before you buy?

Here are a few samples of what's in my book:

You have enough on your plate without trying to make complicated goodies.

Rasp torte batter3
cake like brownies3
coco delights 1
batter-19633_1280 by PublicDomainPicture
IMG_0116 Lemon almond cake
IMG_0626_easy coconut delights
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