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Delicious Super-Reliable Brownies at Last!

I was livid. Here I was, at yet another office celebration. Cakes and pastries everywhere, with nothing for me or my gluten-free diet. Once again watching everyone else enjoy them, while I had to satisfy myself with a piece of fruit. My colleagues weren't mean or thoughtless; they just didn't know what else to give me.

I pretended to be happy with the fruit, but inside I was seething. Right then and there I made up my mind: I was going to have a signature treat, so good that everyone would ask for it, and so easy that I could whip it up on short notice.

My Super Reliable Take-Them-To-Work Brownie journey had begun.

I started with the simplest wheat-based recipe I could find: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking chocolate. Then I began to experiment. Which gluten-free flour? How much sugar? Cocoa powder or baking chocolate? How many eggs?

I was no gluten-free expert. Some of my experiments were disasters: Lakes of butter floating on top of the brownies. Or dry crumbly squares. One batch was so hard that I couldn't cut them up! But enough were edible to keep me searching for my goal: a gluten-free brownie recipe that worked every time and that non-celiacs would enjoy.

Dozens of batches later, I hit on the right combination: just enough butter to keep them moist but not greasy. Cocoa powder for a deep chocolate taste. And my go-to gluten-free flours flours: rice flour as the foundation and sweet rice flour for chew, both of them the fluffy and inexpensive kind available in any Asian grocery.

My experiments were tested by my toughest critics, the ones who would tell me the painful truth. Would they eat the brownies if other options were available? Would anyone realize these were gluten free without being told? Once I found the right combination for the batter, I heard the right answers: yes, they would choose my brownies over 'regular' cookies and cake. No, a stranger would never guess that these were anything but delicious.

The first time I brought my brownies to the office, my stomach churned - without having been glutened! What would my colleagues think? Would anyone even try them, or would this be just another version of "THAT plate is for Marne"? As the first person dared to take a bite, I watched her face carefully.

And then, the smile. A big, genuine smile, and a heartfelt "Mmmm, this is delicious!" I could have jumped for joy, despite my high heels and fancy suit. Soon, everyone in the office knew about my yummy brownies. They were snapped up so fast that I almost didn't get one for myself!

Colleagues asked me to bring my brownies to every potluck, shower, and party. Some even asked for the recipe. No one could believe that they were gluten free. Success!

Now my family, friends and colleagues know and love these chocolatey, a bit cakey, and oh-so-good brownies. They are easy to make, easy to transport, and always gone in an instant. Even the unbaked batter is delicious - I know because I always lick the spoon.

My Super Reliable Take-Them-To-Work brownies became the first in a long list of easy, delicious gluten-free treats that I made for myself and for family and friends. They're still one of my favorite comfort foods. I'm happy and proud to share the recipe with you. Get the recipe, and 4 more, for free here.

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