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FOODiversity: Making A Difference for Celiacs Facing Food Insecurity

Join the live Q&A, buy a raffle ticket, learn and help

Imagine being on a gluten-free diet and with very little money to spare. Imagine needing to rely on food banks, and finding nothing gluten free on the shelves. Imagine knowing that the only food you could afford was not safe for you to eat.

Sadly, many celiacs are faced with exactly this problem. So are millions of other people with other food allergies and sensitivities.

The team at FOODiversity is helping. They know that food allergies can push people deeper into food insecurity, and that most emergency assistance food programs can’t meet specific food needs.

FOODiversity provides food allergy and intolerance sufferers with a consistent and reliable source of safe foods, so they can stay healthy. Their education programs help patients, medical professionals and food pantries understand the importance of providing safe foods that can prevent medical emergencies and hospitalizations.

Get Involved

To support FOODiversity’s latest fundraising and educational efforts, I’ll join CEO Wendy Pake for a live Q&A on August 1st at 12:00 Eastern Time/18:00 Central European Time. We'll be talking about gluten-free life, travel, cooking, baking…anything is fair game!

Learn more here. Registration is just $3 with Paypal here.

Want to do more? Thank you! Buy a raffle ticket and win a free copy of my Easy, Tasty, Gluten Free cookbook.

Join us to say hello, ask questions and get answers, and learn about how you can help FOODiversity to support other celiacs.

Thank you.

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