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The Celiac Project Podcast: Chatting with Cam and Mike

I am excited almost beyond words to share this news! I am on the March 30, 2022, episode of The Celiac Project podcast with Mike Frolichstein and Cam Weiner. This is one of my favorite celiac-themed podcasts, and I was super-excited to join them to talk about Easy, Tasty Gluten Free and how it came to be.

Here's the episode link.

Meet Mike and Cam

Mike directed the documentary The Celiac Project after his long struggle to be diagnosed. He and his wife Ellen are navigating raising a family in the celiac world. Cam is a single guy managing his celiac disease while dating. Since 2016, Mike and Cam have used the podcast to explore what each of us can do to raise awareness about celiac disease and how to live with it.

Their guests range from world-renowned experts to real people like me, with topics covering the latest clinical trials, safe food brands, traveling with celiac (both good and bad experiences), and of course, your new favorite cookbook.

I love their honesty about what works and what doesn't, and how approachable they are. Listening to them talk is like having coffee with friends. I laugh, sigh, roll my eyes...and I usually learn something too.

Listen to the March 30 episode of The Celiac Project podcast to hear some of my story, why I wrote Easy, Tasty Gluten Free and what makes it different, and which recipes to make for special occasions or if you're just starting out baking.

Subscribe to The Celiac Project podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all the other usual platforms.

Here's the Episode Link again.

Thank you Cam and Mike for everything you do for our celiac community.

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