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Traveling While Celiac: Paladar London, 100% Gluten-Free Restaurant

I'm always looking for gluten-free restaurants to share - or at least restaurants that understand what a celiac needs to eat safely. On my last trip to London, I lucked out and discovered a 100% gluten-free restaurant with delicious food!

It was so good that I forgot to take photos - plus I was with friends and I wanted to pay attention to them - so these images are from restaurant website.

The restaurant is called Paladar, and it is located in Southeast London on London Road, just off St George's Circle, and easily accessible by Tube. If you're touristing, it's close to the Imperial War Museum.

They showcase a variety of Latin American foods and cuisines, going far beyond the basic Mexican menu. Mains, starters, and even cocktails are all inspired by the bright flavours of Latin America. It's really a mission for them - I was impressed by our server's knowledge of the ingredients. And the restaurant is 100% gluten free. This is what they say on their website:

"Our kitchen is 100% gluten-free and our food is therefore ideal for coeliacs. From the bar most drinks are gluten-free. We normally have at least one gluten-free beer and our Mexican whiskey is made from corn (maize)."

Gluten free and glorious

What did we eat? Wonderful things!

Cochinita pibil: pulled pork with a roasted pineapple and chili jam

Chimichuri squid

Roasted aubergine (eggplant) with fried beans

Cassava chips

Skin-on chimichurri potato fries

And it all ended with a plate of churros, served warm with two sauces (cinnamon-chocolate and coffee dulce du leche). What a way to finish!

I wish I could show you pictures...but we were too busy eating and sharing. Remember how much fun it is to share food, instead of guarding your plate from stray crumbs?

Instead, here's the link to their menu - go check out the choices for yourself!

This picture is from their Facebook page:

I will definitely be visiting Paladar again. It's great to know that I have two 100% gluten-free restaurants to choose from in London (here's my review of Niche) - and I'm looking for more. Do you have any recommendations?


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