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Creating New Gluten-Free Recipes: The Fruit Cobbler Experiment

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Lots of people ask me how I create my easy, tasty, gluten-free recipes. Well, I'm in the process of creating one right now, so I'll let you in on how it works.

I need a goal, some inspiration, honest tasters and time.

This recipe began with a bunch of unwanted fruit in the refrigerator. Does that ever happen in your house? For whatever reason, I lost interest in eating more. But I hate seeing perfectly good food go to waste, so I needed to do something with it. That was my goal.

Gluten-Free Inspiration

I started by thinking about the ingredients. Grapes, cherries and blueberries. What spices worked with all of them? Cinnamon and cardamom came to mind. Hmm, write that idea down.

For a place to start, I asked myself, "What's easy and delicious and made with fruit?" The answer? "Apple cobbler!" Cherries and blueberries work in cobblers too. A quick Google search assured me that yes, people made tarts, pies and even crumbles out of grapes. And an idea was born: mixed fruit cobbler!

I looked in my recipes for a reliable gluten-free base to build on. My cherry cobbler recipe is super-easy, so I used that. The batter is butter, rice flour, sweet rice flour, sugar and water. I changed the water to apple juice (mostly because I had some in the refrigerator). Here's a picture of the ingredients:

I mixed it into a smooth batter and spread it in the pan. I used a metal pan because it was the right size to hold all the fruit. Here's the batter in the pan:

The Assembly Line

Time to put it all together. I took the pits out of the cherries, checked the grapes for stems, and picked out the wrinkled blueberries, then dumped all the fruit on top of the batter. I poured in a little bit more apple juice, and sprinkled the top with cinnamon sugar.

And I forgot to take a picture at this stage. Sorry about that. It's been busy around here.

The moment of truth

After 45 minutes in the oven I had a cobbler. It looked pretty good, even if the grapes looked a little strange. And it smelled really tasty. I served it for dessert that night.

The verdict? It wasn't perfect, but for a first try it was more than OK. My tasters liked the flavor. I thought the middle wasn't firm enough; I need to either reduce the liquid or change the baking time or temperature. Certainly it was good enough to keep trying. I love turning a problem (unwanted mixed fruit) into a success!

The Secret to Recipe Success

The last step is to keep refining the recipe. And the secret to doing that well is to only change one thing at a time. My next step will be to use less apple juice. I will try using a silicon bake form ( I love silicon). I may use the same metal pan at a lower temperature for a longer time.

The whole process usually takes me 4 or 5 tries until I hit on one that I really like. Then I make it a few more times, to see how reliable and forgiving it is. Each time, I ask my tasters for feedback and adjust accordingly. The whole process might take up to a year before I have something that I consider delicious, easy and reliable enough for anyone.

I'll keep working on this fruit cobbler for now. Stay tuned for updates...

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