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Easy Summer Salmon Skewers

A fast, light, and delicious grilled summer dinner

I love summer, don’t you? Long sunny days that you can enjoy after work is finished. Fresh fruits and vegetables that make healthy gluten-free dining so much easier.

The only problem is the cooking part. In summer, I want to be outside enjoying life, not tied to a hot kitchen. These salmon skewers will be your new favorite recipe. Gluten-free, healthy, delicious, fast to make and to clean up from making– and they look so impressive!

Ingredients: (makes 2 skewers)

125 grams salmon fillet, cut into 8 chunks

½ sweet pepper (red, yellow or orange) cut into 1-inch squares

8-10 fresh button mushrooms, washed and with the stems popped out

½ lime cut into wedges and then the wedges cut into chunks (see the photo)

½ lime cut into ¼” -thick slices

2 wooden skewers for grilling

Turn on or heat up your grill (mine is electric) until it is quite hot. Prepare all of the ingredients as directed. Experiment with different types of mushrooms; I like brown button and portobello mushrooms best. Small onions or shallots can be nice too. Be creative!

Thread the fish and vegetables onto the skewers, alternating ingredients until you have used them all.

Then use tongs to put the slices of lime down on the grill in 2 lines, and put one skewer on each line of lime slices (see the video below). Grill for about 7 minutes, or until the salmon is cooked to your preference. Take them off the grill and enjoy!

These salmon skewers are so versatile. I have served them alone, with potatoes or hot vegetables, with my famous gluten-free Asian-style cole slaw (scroll down on this page for the recipe) or with a big salad. They go well with white wine and with a bit of sorbet for dessert.

Secret clean-up tip: when you take the skewers off the grill, use the tongs to rub the lime slices on the hot surface. Watch any grease and baked-on bits disappear!


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