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Your Easy, Tasty Gluten Free Paperback Has Arrived!

Did you know that baking can be both a science and an art? Like all good scientists, many home bakers make notes about their recipes. And like many artists, they write down ideas - for another flavor, or something to serve with this particular recipe, or what holiday it would work perfectly for.

It doesn't matter if you physically write in a book, or make electronic notes. I think keeping a record of how each recipe turned out, and how you deviated from the original, makes you a better baker. And it turns a cookbook into a conversation, with yourself or whoever might copy a recipe.

Now you can have that Easy, Tasty Gluten Free conversation on paper. That's right, your new favorite cookbook is available as a paperback, with all of the recipes and photos in the online version.

Order your copy from Amazon today and start a conversation with the recipes now!


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