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Your New Favorite Cookbook is Here!

After more than 25 years of practice and a year of preparation, my Easy, Tasty Gluten Free Cookbook is now available, right here on this website. Recipes for 50 of the sweet treats that you see here, now together in a single book ready for you to download. Enter the code ETGF at checkout for 10% off!

You don't need fancy flours or special equipment to make these treats. Just a few basic ingredients, a spoon, bowl and measuring cups, and sometimes a hand mixer, and you can make delicious, heartwarming bits of love to share with family and friends.

Recipes include fabulous fruit cobblers and crumbles for the fall fruit harvest, cookies to add love to a packed lunch, cakes fancy enough for company, and brownies that brighten any day.

All easy to make, even for beginners. All delicious, even for non-celiacs. And all 100% gluten free. I've developed these recipes over my 25+ years of celiac life and tested them on unsuspecting friends and colleagues. Only the best made it to this book, and now I'm sharing them with you.

For a limited time, enter the code ETGF to get 10% off when you download the book here.

Prefer buying from Amazon? You can also download the book on Amazon here (the coupons are only valid on my website though).

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