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Company's Coming!

Three delicious, impressive and easy gluten-free cakes you can make

Despite having a wealth of easy and delicious recipes at my fingertips, I don't actually eat dessert at every dinner. But when I make a fancy dinner, I want dessert to be something special. Something that my guests will ooh and aah over, and talk about the next day. And I don't want them to think "yeah, that tasted like it was gluten free."

Fortunately, I have recipes for special occasion desserts. And thanks to Easy, Tasty Gluten Free, you can have them too. How about a Chocolate Raspberry Torte? A Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake? Or an Impressive Lemon-Almond Cake? Each of them is company-worthy, or good enough to bring to someone else's house for a holiday dinner. Why shouldn't we have safe and delicious holiday desserts?

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

This dense, dark and delicious flourless cake boasts a tart layer of raspberry and a rich chocolate topping. It's so decadent! I love it with some whipped cream or vanilla icing and a mint leaf. This dessert stops all conversation at the table. All you hear is "mmmmm!"

Only 25 minutes of prep and 25 minutes to bake, it's actually quite easy. But you do need 2 kinds of chocolate, 3 bowls and an electric mixer.

Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are one of those desserts that really used to frustrate me when I went out. It's so easy to make them without gluten and yet so few places do.

Then I took the recipe from my favorite cream cheese brand (you know which one) and worked on it until I had this version. It uses regular and light cream cheese and a springform pan. You can make it in a crust, but I prefer it without one.

There's something about seeing the chocolate and vanilla parts in the same cheesecake that makes it extra-impressive.

I often serve this with a couple of berries on the side, or a twist of lemon peel. But really all you need to give your guests is a fork!

Impressive Lemon-Almond Cake

An amazing alternative to chocolate cake, this is based on a recipe that a good friend made for me, the first time I visited her at home. I immediately asked for the recipe. Now after a few modifications to make it simpler, I'm happy to share it with you.

The cake does take a bit of advanced planning. You'll need a few hours for boiling and cooling the lemons, and a food processor to puree them. But it's so worth the effort! I usually make it a day ahead so I have less stress on company day. It stays incredibly moist and tasty, especially with a glaze.

I love to make this the first time someone comes to my home for dinner. They are always amazed at how good it is. I usually send a piece home with them, thereby saving myself from some of the leftover calories.

Bake with Confidence

Making a delicious gluten-free meal for company can be stressful enough. Why make it harder by stressing over dessert? Any one of these three recipes will be a delicious addition to your table, and a welcome finish to a holiday meal.

Get these delicious recipes and more in my Easy, Tasty Gluten Free cookbook. Available for download and in paperback.


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